The curriculum at St. Cloud Christian School is both challenging and stimulating. It is designed to integrate faith and learning. Through the active lens of a biblical perspective, our students learn to become critical thinkers and to seek both insight and wisdom.

Our students listen, share, experiment, create, and explore. The teachers challenge their students to reach academic and personal goals and support each student through personal connection and prayer.


SCCS provides an environment that is focused on setting and achieving the students’ academic, spiritual, and personal goals.

  • We partner with a variety of colleges for PSEO options.
  • SCCS has a chapter of the National Honor Society.
  • We have strong arts programs.
  • We offer a wide variety of electives classes.
  • Our curriculum places a strong focus on our STEM and core classes.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for hands-on learning to build understanding of key concepts and processes .

Our school integrates faith and learning into all areas of education

  • We have daily Bible classes that are engaging and exciting.
  • Our weekly chapel programs bring in wonderful speakers that challenge our students to develop their relationships with Christ.
  • At St. Cloud Christian School, God is not kept in a box marked “religion;” his praises ring throughout all subjects!