As faculty members prayerfully educate students each day, they do so with Expected Student Outcomes (ESO) in mind. These outcomes reflect the milestones that we pray each student will have reached by the time that they graduate from St. Cloud Christian School.


With recognition that all moments of life are to be lived as worship, SCCS endeavors to graduate students that are:
  • Social


      • Serving compassionately with actions that demonstrate an understanding of the worth of every human being as created in the image of God.
      • Able to communicate and collaborate effectively.
      • Able to resolve conflict with biblical principles.
      • Effectively evaluating current issues and engaging persons of opposing worldviews.
      • Willing to take on challenges and persevere despite obstacles/failures.
      • Actively participating in his or her civic responsibility in service to one’s community, nation, and the world at large.
  • Academic


      • Prepared for postsecondary success as lifelong learners.
      • Critical, creative, and discerning thinkers (problem solvers).
      • Proficient in the academic disciplines.
      • Proficient in artistic literacy and appreciation of the arts.
      • Using technology responsibly.
      • Generously using knowledge, skills, and abilities to bless others.
  • Spiritual
      • Growing a personal relationship with the Father,Son, IMG_2495and Holy Spirit through the spiritual disciplines.
      • Acting in a manner that will reflect a Kingdom-minded, biblical worldview.
      • Able to interpret the Bible inductively.
      • Understanding the gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission.
      • Involved in a local Bible believing church.
  • Physical
      • Honoring God with his or her body.
      • Living a healthy lifestyle.
      • Using one’s individual giftedness to serve and seek the 15418353_577652705775186_6035044384707876482_o (1)furtherance of the kingdom of God.