Engaging Community

Life is about relationships – and St. Cloud Christian School is no different. Our community thrives on the relationships built between students, staff, and parents.  We value the partnership of parents in the education of their child and are privileged to develop life-long connections with the families we serve.

A Truly Diverse Community

Racial Diversity

The Minnesota state average diversity percentage for private schools is 18%, St. Cloud Christian School values diversity and inclusion and is proud to be growing our schools diversity, in 2020 SCCS reported a 1% growth in our schools diversity.

*As of 2020, reported by privateschoolreviews.com

Broad Biblical Base

St. Cloud Christian School families come from over 25 area churches an growing! SCCS continues to represent a tradition of Christian unity.

Local Geographic Reach

With one campus for all Pre-K through 12th grade students we make it easy for families to have one school to bring their students too. St. Cloud Christian School has families that attend from all over central Minnesota. Geographic diversity allows our students to interact with families beyond their own neighborhoods.

International Influence

Through AMICUS and other organizations St. Cloud Christian School has been able to have a strong International Student Program which brings students from many different countries across the globe.

The Schulze’s Story, Click Here

Spiritual Life

Staff members work closely with students and build lasting relationship through coursework and mentorship.


Staff work to ensure that students build a proper balance of social, mental, and physical health – all from a Christ-centered Biblical perspective.

Student Life

Prom, retreats, and athletics are just some of the countless student life events that go on each year and create lifelong memories.

St. Cloud Christian School Is Where Community Becomes Family!