All education has value.
The question is, “What values fill your education?”


We believe that God’s values and principles found in Scripture should permeate every aspect of life and education. No part of our life is exempt: not our homework, our social conversations, or our behavior on the athletic field. Students must be trained not only to think Biblically but also to live Biblically. We teach students to think with a Biblical worldview.

We believe that the teacher is the living curriculum. Consequently, St. Cloud Christian School’s teachers are spiritually mature believers and role models. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and cheerleaders of their students. Knowing that teachers have an incredible responsibility and opportunity to shape lives, our teachers invest in education as a ministry.

We believe that all are created in the image of God. We acknowledge that students learn differently from one another, and that God has gifted every student and intends for each one to be successful. Our goal is to enable them to reach their potential for the purpose of a life of service to Jesus Christ.

We believe that a comprehensive Biblical academic curriculum is essential to fully educate a child. We seek to train students to use reasoning skills to become problem solvers. Students must be taught and challenged to think at high levels. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students not just for college, but for life.

In all of our teaching,
SCCS desires to educate the next generation of Christ-like servant-leaders.