“We believe that all students have been made

in the image of God.”

It is this recognition that spurs us toward educating the whole child and offering opportunities so that each may meet his or her next, God-ordained steps in life with success.


With this as our starting place, we noted that not all students are wired toward success as “traditional learners,” and therefore, we must continue to provide opportunities to meet the differing learning needs of each. Moreover, we have recognized that traditional, classroom learning alone does not provided needed opportunities for many students to develop necessary 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

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Our goal as Christian educators should not be to merely impart knowledge to students. We must provide a setting which gives students the opportunity to grow in wisdom, and to engage in interactive learning which allows them to see the effects that their learning can have upon the community around them. This connection leads naturally to a desire toward service and an inner, intrinsic motivation for students to engage in the learning process.

We want to see opportunities like these continue to expand for the upcoming school year. What a pleasure to watch students that previously lacked engagement within the traditional classroom setting take on leadership roles within their small groups! How incredible to watch students learn and recognize the value of learning for the sake of serving others!


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