Elementary K-5
Annual Tuition $7,223
12 pay option – $602

Middle School 6-8
Annual Tuition $7,701
12 pay option – $642

High School 9-12
Annual Tuition $8,468
12 pay option – $706

What if we can’t afford a Christian education?

We believe that if it is God’s will that your children attend a Christian school, He will make a way. This may sound a bit cliché, but it’s true. It may mean unexpected income, such as a bonus or a raise at work, or it could mean learning to cut back on certain expenses. A scholarship or financial support could be available through your church. For those families who qualify and apply, SCCS will provide financial aid. The opportunities for provision are there. We serve a God who can make the impossible, possible. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50) and he owns the hills, too.

Private schooling is an investment. It’s an investment into your child’s education of course, but also, it’s an investment into your child’s spiritual health. School can never replace the importance of parents’ and caregiver’s influences but we can and do cultivate your child’s spiritual development while educating them. We encourage your child to succeed and work towards enriching his/her understanding of God and the Bible. This is a place where your child(ren) can safely talk about Jesus and pray with teachers and classmates. When making your decision, consider looking beyond a strictly financial point of view and consider how significant it is for your child to have his/her whole person (spiritual, physical, and emotional health) cared for.

We understand that choosing a school is a big decision and a prayerful one. We know “…that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Ultimately, our hope and prayer is that God guides your family to make the best decision for your family and that wherever your child goes, he/she will grow in his or her faith and knowledge of Christ.

St. Cloud Christian School maintains a financial aid program for families who demonstrate financial need. Need is determined by FACTS (see below) based upon each family’s income and monthly expenses.

This program is funded by the school’s general budget, fundraising efforts, and donors. It is not funded by the government.

FACTS Financial Aid Analysis service equips schools to make data-driven, objective decisions in determining needs-based financial aid. FACTS provides a systematic approach to processing applications, gathering supporting documentation from families, and generating recommendations to schools. At every step, FACTS ensures the privacy of a family’s data is maintained.

Click here to apply for financial aid: FACTS Financial Aid Application 

Additional Information and Fees

*  A $120 application fee and $50 for each additional student being considered for enrollment to SCCS is due with enrollment applications, not to exceed $200 per family.

* Re-enrolling Students: A $200 re-enrollment deposit is due in March to secure your students spot for the upcoming school year. This amount is applied to your first tuition payment for the year.

* New Students: A $200 deposit is require to secure your students spot for the upcoming school year and will be applied to your first tuition payment for the year.

*  If a student enrolls at SCCS after the school year has begun, tuition charges will be pro-rated. Pro-rated amounts will “round” up to the full months.

*  The tuition amount above includes a $300 curriculum fee which covers the cost of textbooks and classroom supplies. Please contact a tax professional for deductible and tax credit implications.

The tuition amount does not cover the full cost of an education at SCCS. If you wish to pay the total cost of education for a student you can indicate “Bridge the Gap Donation” on your enrollment form. This year an estimated additional $875 per student is needed to cover the true cost of his/her education.

Popular Payment Plan Options

K-5 ($7,223)           6-8 ($7,701)         8-12 ($8,468)

  • 1 – Pay: Due in June  (additional 1% discount is applied to full year payments made in June )
  • 2 – Pay: Due in June and in December  (Bi-annual payments should be made by cash or check directly to SCCS)
  • 12 – Pay: Elementary – $602       Middle – $642      High – $706

*All annual tuition balances must be paid in full by June 30th.

Early Withdrawal Policy

Because the hiring of teachers and staff and the ordering of textbooks and other classroom materials are based upon enrollment, withdrawals are subject to the following obligation:

  • Withdrawals after June 1: One month tuition due
  • Withdrawals after July 1: Two months tuition due
  • Withdrawals after August 1: Three months tuition due
  • Withdrawals after the start of school: 50% remaining tuition due

* If financial aid has been awarded to a family who withdraws, they are only responsible for paying tuition based upon the net balance after the award amount.

*  Exceptions will only be made in the event of circumstances beyond a family’s control (sudden loss of income, unanticipated job transfer out of the area, etc.)  A “change of mind” does not constitute a suitable reason for an exception. All petitions for exceptions must be directed, in writing, to the administration and are subject to SCCS Board review.

*  Student records will not be released and no credit for a student’s work can be earned, unless all financial obligations are met.

Investing in the Future

Tuition at St. Cloud Christian School is not a financial burden. It is an investment in the future. A quality Christian education may be more affordable than you think; and with a simplified tuition structure and flexible payment options, we can help you find a plan that enables your family to be a part of the SCCS community.

Still have questions? Contact our Admissions team today!