St. Cloud Christian School holds that all students are created in the image of God,

and that each has a unique calling on his/her life.


St. Cloud Christian School challenges and stimulates the minds of students. Teachers and administrators ensure that all curriculum (K-12) integrates faith and learning. And, students learn to become critical thinkers and to seek both insight and wisdom through the active lens of a biblical perspective.


The teachers challenge their students to reach academic and personal goals, and they support each student through personal connection and prayer.  SCCS frequently utilizes Project-Based Learning (PBL). Via PBL, teachers encourage students to take “ownership” over their own education. Furthermore, PBL promotes critical-thinking skills. Students become prepared for real-life situations in which cross-disciplinary skills are needed. 


Additional Details:

  • We partner with a variety of colleges for PSEO options.

  • Students can participate in the SCCS chapter of the National Honor Society.

  • We have strong arts programs.

  • We offer a wide variety of electives classes.

  • Teahers and administration focus intentionally on our STEM and core classes within our curriculum.

  • Teachers provide opportunities for hands-on learning to build understanding of key concepts and processes.

Moreover, our school integrates faith and learning into all areas of education

  • Daily Bible classes highly engage students.

  • Speakers at our weekly chapel programs challenge our students to develop their relationships with Christ.

  • At St. Cloud Christian School, we do not keep God in a box called “religion;” his praises ring throughout all subjects!

Click HERE to access the Guidance Counselor’s Corner which contains information to help students and parents successfully navigate high school at SCCS.