Dedicated Partners

St. Cloud Christian School has been educating children in central Minnesota for over 40 years. We are passionate about education and are committed to the education of all students in the truth of God’s Word. 

Our Vision: We are an educational community that supports and encourages each other in a lifelong journey of knowing Jesus.

Our Mission: Because we recognize that every student has value as an image-bearer of God, we aim at three categories of transformation – striving to graduate students who are growing in wisdom, building healthy relationships, and serving their community.

Our teachers and staff have dedicated their lives as ministry to students. The foundation of our school was first laid in 1979, when four families following the Lord’s leading established a Christian school in the community. The school, then known as “King’s Academy of St. Cloud”, opened its doors that first day with seven students and two faithful teachers. The school’s enrollment grew throughout the next decade as a K-8 institution, and eventually changed its name to be known as the “St. Cloud Christian School.”

In 1999, the Board of Directors decided to add a high school and provide a complete K-12 education for our families. SCCS also proved itself as an educational program, becoming accredited by the “Association of Christian Schools International”. After growing into multiple campuses, the school was blessed to be able to purchase a retired school building in 2003. We thank God for our building!

Since then, our school has continued to grow and now enrolls over 265 students from 16 different communities and more than 35 churches. We have had students studying abroad from other countries attend our school as well. Many of graduates have chosen to continue their education and have gone on to attend colleges and universities, others have gotten into the mission field, some have pursued trades, others have become teachers and come back to SCCS to teach! The stories are all different and special. Throughout all the changes, we acknowledge the unwavering blessing of God and His great faithfulness to our school.


To ensure a strong and consistent academic environment, St. Cloud Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.  We are dedicated to continually keeping a high level of accreditation. Maintaining accreditation allows students and parents the assurance of excellence.

Sponsoring Churches

Though St. Cloud Christian School is not directly operated by any individual church, its families come from over 25 different churches and it is through sponsoring churches that the school maintains an active partnership with local congregations. The current sponsoring churches are:

Discovery Church

Riverside Evangelical Church

School Leadership

Head of School
Mackenzie Hansen

Spiritual Life Director
James Gotta

Finance Director
Amy Jo Kurth

Admissions & Athletic Director
Mary Rademacher

Interim Development Director
Bill Corcoran

St. Cloud Christian School Board

Sandy Mohlenkamp
Board Chair

Jake Dutcher
Vice Chair

Sara Meemken

Dominic Dinger
Board Pastoral Counsel

Jon Watkins
Board Advisor

Houng Timp
Board Member