A Parents Perspective 

“I love the hearts of the teachers at SCCS! To know my kids have teachers that pray with them and for them is such a blessing. I love that my children get to live a life of consistency both at home and at school. They can be free to love Jesus, talk about Jesus, and praise His name all day long.”

– Lisa M., SCCS Parent

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Teaching for Transformation (TfT)

SCCS is in its first year of a three year journey to becoming a Teaching for Transformation School.

Teaching for Transformation binds together all subjects and activities, providing a framework for the education we provide.

God is sovereign and Jesus Christ is Lord over all things! That is the biblical truth that must gently whisper and boldly resound in every part, every thread of a Christian school’s curriculum. It must serve as the core curriculum in every Christian school classroom. The task of a Christian school teacher is to expose God’s fingerprints in ALL things.

Throughout its history, SCCS has been focused on integrating faith and learning in everything we do. In 2020, we started on a journey to further develop that strength—the implementation of the Teaching for Transformation (TfT) curriculum planning model.

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Educating The Whole Child In His Truth

St. Cloud Christian School has been educating students with a record of excellence for over 40 years. With a Biblically-based philosophy of education, SCCS trains students to think critically and seek wisdom.

St. Cloud Christian School is committed to the education of all students in the truth of God’s Word. Our philosophy of education is centered around the development of the whole child in this truth.

  • Head – Think Biblically
  • Heart – Love Passionately
  • Hands – Serve Generously


Elementary school is an exciting time. It is all about learning new things every day. At St. Cloud Christian School, our students explore and discover the wonders of life God has designed. Loving staff nurture and guide students to a strong foundation that will carry them for life.



Middle school is a time of transition for many students. At St. Cloud Christian School we view middle school as a precious season of growth where many foundational beliefs and values are formed. Students are guided through this season by caring staff that have a passion for this age group and challenge students to grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually.



St. Cloud Christian School students are prepared for college and for life. With rigorous coursework, students are ready to face the academics of college. Outside the classroom, PLT projects, bible studies, extra-curricular activities, and staff mentors provide students the assurance of who they are in Christ and the confidence to face challenges of life after high school.


Visual Arts

“In the Beginning God Created”

We see from the opening lines of Scripture that creativity is an essential component of our vocation as God’s image bearers. At St. Cloud Christian School, God’s own brilliant artistry is reflected in the artistry of our students. We’ve been blessed with incredible instructors who have helped create a beautiful and expressive culture of music, drama, and visual arts that enriches the lives and sparks the imaginations of all members of our community. Instruction in the arts begins with our very youngest students, and culminates in high school with plays and musicals, exhibits, competitions, and performances that allow our students to explore and express their own perspectives, backgrounds, and aspirations.

  • Drama
  • Digital Video Production

Band & Choir

It is our desire at St. Cloud Christian School to provide a God-honoring atmosphere for all students to explore and develop their musical abilities, showing themselves to be good stewards of God’s gifts to them, and enjoying good music with their fellow students.

At the elementary level, children learn music appreciation through a dedicated “special”. This includes multiple performances throughout the year, along with musical worship during chapels.

Middle School and High School choir further develops this knowledge and experience, introducing more complicated works, and fine-tuning the students’ individual choral abilities.

Beginning in fifth grade, students have the opportunity to join band. They are able to sample a variety of instruments and are paired with an instrument that they are interested in and that suits them. Fifth and sixth grades have performances and as they improve, sixth grade will transition to playing with Middle School band.

The Middle and High School band provides multi-faceted opportunities for band members. Students look forward to multiple concerts, focusing on major works for a Christmas Concert, Celebration of the Arts (COTA), and our Graduation Celebration. Students also have the opportunity to be part of the SCCS worship team for Wednesday community chapels and monthly student led worship events.

  • Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Choir
  • Worship Team


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