Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we hear all the time! You may find the information you are looking for by scrolling through and perusing our responses. If you would like to know more than what is listed here for any topic,  feel free to Contact Us for further information.

We appreciate your interest in St. Cloud Christian school, where we Integrate Faith & Learning.

“How big are your class sizes?”

Our average class size is 19  students. Class sizes are limited at each grade level to ensure proper student to teacher ratios for that particular grade level (for example, kindergarten classes are limited to 16 students). Most classes are capped at 25 students. Little Warriors Pre-school cap is 20 students. 

“What curriculum do you use?”

We use a combination of curriculum from a variety of Christian and secular publishing houses. 

“What church are you affiliated with?”

None; we are completely independent and nondenominational.

“What do you mean by ‘nondenominational’?”

We are not affiliated with any specific church or individual denomination.

“How many different area churches do your families attend?”

35 area churches are represented by our families.

“What grade do you go to and how many students do you currently have?”

We currently go to grade 12 and have approximately 250 students.

“Is financial aid available?”

Yes, financial assistance is available for qualifying families. More information is available upon request.

“Do you have a dress code?”

Yes, there are a few guidelines but in general, we believe “modest” and “appropriate attire” are guiding words for parents and their children .

“Do you have a hot lunch program?”

A hot lunch option is catered in daily purchased from District 742, on Fridays we order Pizza from local pizza restaurants. 

“Do you have music/band?”

Yes, please see our we have an incredible music and band program.

“What sports do you offer?”

Several depending upon grade level. 

“Do you have a volunteer program?”

Yes, we love our volunteers! Please contact our main office for details.